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  • Korean alphabet study pack - Hangul. PlurilingualismKorean alphabet study pack - Hangul. Plurilingualism

    Korean Alphabet (한글) Bundle


    If you are starting to learn Korean, mastering Hangul (한글), the Korean alphabet and writing system, is so important! This printable bundle is geared towards beginner level learners and those wanting to improve their handwriting.

    With 80 pages that include a handful of various charts of Korean vowels and consonants and their stroke order, TONS of printable worksheets to help you master Hangul and different types of Korean handwriting, and fun ways (like tests and word search puzzles!) to test your knowledge of the Korean alphabet.

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  • Korean Alphabet (Hangul) Charts - printables for Korean language learnersKorean alphabet charts for language learners - full overview of charts with stroke order, vowel charts, consonant charts, etc

    Korean Alphabet (한글) Charts


    A collection of 17 Korean alphabet (Hangul – 한글) charts! These Hangul posters contain:

    – (2) charts of the vowels (including all complex vowels, AKA diphthongs) and consonants – one with romanization and one without
    – (2) charts showing the proper stroke order of all vowels and consonants in Hangul
    – (2) full charts with romanization (black & white and rainbow)
    – (11) full charts in various color swatches! (without romanization)

    VAT is not collected according to §19 (1) UStG.

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