Master Post of Spanish Resources (Sites, Apps, Podcasts, Etc)

Master Post of Spanish Resources - Sites, apps, podcasts, etc. Plurilingualism

If you are learning Spanish and on the hunt for some great Spanish resources, you are in the right place!

I have collected quite the list of Spanish resources over the years and have compiled them all into a master list below!

Below you can find some amazing Spanish podcasts to listen to on tons of different topics, some great YouTube channels, the best sites and apps, free and paid resources, all sorts of textbooks and novels, complete guides, and more!

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced learner, or whether you are learning Spanish on your own, or learning Spanish with a tutor, these Spanish resources will help you reach your goals!

Check out the table of contents below to see an overview and to jump to any section you need. And when you want to jump back up to the table of contents, just click on the “jump to top” below each section!

Useful Posts on Plurilingualism (YouTube, Books, etc):

I have already written about some amazing resources that are either general (for all languages – including Spanish) or Spanish specific!

– If you are self-studying Spanish, check out this guide on self-studying any language!

This post will help you master Spanish pronunciation!

– If you are looking for some great Spanish YouTube channels (for learning or for just for fun), here is a great list! For tips on using social media, in general, to learn Spanish, click here!

– For sites to find Spanish books, check out this post. And if you want to use reading to help you learn Spanish, click here for methods and tips!

– For the best Amazon products for language learners, click here!

– If you wish to watch TV in Spanish to help you learn, check out this post.

– For writing help and strategies (plus 50 foreign language prompts to help you write in Spanish), check out this post.

– Check out tips on using study methods like animedoro or spaced repetition!

Here are my five favorite language learning resources, here are the best 15 apps to learn any language, and here are unique language learning resources. Don’t forget to check out my general resources page for a massive list of all sorts of resources as well!

Busuu and Memrise are both amazing language learning resources I wrote about that can (and should!) be used for Spanish.

italki is one of the greatest language learning resources of all time and great for Spanish! Click here to read all about it.

Table of Contents (click to jump!)

Complete Language Guides




Complete Spanish Language Guides:

BaseLang’s Ultimate Guide to Learning Spanish (LOTS of great info!)

Spanish Obsessed’s Comprehensive Guide

StoryLearning’s Ultimate Spanish Guide for Beginners

SpanishPod101’s Ultimate Guide for Brand New Learners


The sites below are specific to Spanish and Spanish alone.

For sites that help with language learning in general (i.e big organizations, custom vocab training, etc), check out my resource page here!

Full courses, worksheets, PDFs, and educational sites:

Todo Claro – A full site with tons of free learning resources. For levels A1 to C2! They also have a verb conjugator and a small verb drill game.

SpanishDict – This site has lots of great learning features, such as vocab lists and drills, grammar cheat sheets, full lessons, video pronunciation tips, and more. On top of this, the site is an online dictionary and translation tool and it all comes as an app, as well!

Audiria – Tons of free audio based exercises and lessons. They have daily “podcasts” which can range from an audio only episode, to a cooking video on YouTube, to a song, and more. Each audio bite has exercises and further information included! On top of this, they have many vocab lists with audio, tests, worksheets, and more.

Lingolia Español – This site is filled with vocab lists and grammar info. A lot is completely free, but if you want extra grammar exercises, they do have a pro version!

Españolistos – A native speaker and a non-native run this blog which has hundreds of videos, podcasts, and info on a wide array of Spanish topics!

Practiquemos – Cata from Practiquemos offers tons of free resources on her site, including an e-book full of exercises, a blog with tons of info and exercises, and lots of videos from her great YouTube channel!

Spanish Games – This website offers not just games, but also short and simple lessons and tests for beginners and intermediate learners!

Spanish Uno – Several grammar lessons (many with practice exercises), vocab lists, and several stories for beginners and intermediate learners. The stories also offer on-screen translation, if you hover over the words!

Spanish con Salsa – This site offers free and paid courses that use music to teach you Spanish!

Spanish Obsessed – Free and paid courses from beginner to advanced. They also have a blog, Spanish language guides, and vocab/phrase lists!

Let’s Speak Spanish – They offer paid courses for all levels, but also a free beginners course and blog with lots of great information and resources!

Lightspeed Spanish – Similar to ‘Let’s Speak Spanish’, this site offers paid and free resources for all levels. They have a blog with hundreds of posts and videos about all different types of Spanish related topics!

SpanishPod 101 – This site also has both free and paid tools to learn Spanish. It has lots of audio lessons and study tools, as well as a podcast and YouTube channel!

Deliberate Spanish – Offers a 10 week paid course focusing on speaking with natives, but also offers a great blog with tons of tips and information!

Spring Languages – Another partially free, partially paid site. This one is unique due to their trademarked “Conversation Based Chunking™” method that focuses on language patterns, rather than overwhelming the brain with lists and drills. They have a YouTube channel, as well!

AVE Instituto Cervantes – Several paid courses for general language learning, as well as DELE exam prep.

Lengalia – A paid course that has quite a lot of features, including a live tutor. They do offer a 14-day free trial so you can test it out!

Fluencia – Another paid course that specializes in adaptive, online courses. They also offer a free trial!

Educational games:

Rockalingua – This site has lots of various games for beginners or children. Some are only for paid members, but many are free!

Spanish Games – This website has 12 mini games that are great for beginners! These games can be played in a few different languages and you can focus on Spanish from Spain or Latin America!

Spanish BINGO – BINGO that can be played with several vocab lists on a wide array of topics.

Step Right Up! Spanish Vocab – A ‘carnival’ inspired balloon pop game that quizzes you on various vocab lists!

Ask Lingua – Played like the game ‘guess who’. Great for beginners and fun for all levels, I think!

Spanish in Flow – A game with fast and slow speeds where you are shown images and have to match a new word to each correct image under time. They have several topics and it is not just beginner vocab!

Spanish Uno – This site also has a decent selection of various games for beginners and even pre-intermediate learners!

Digital Dialects – Lots of games for Spanish beginners and even 5 “advanced” games that are suitable for intermediate learners!

Misc. / fun sites in Spanish:

BrainPOP in Spanish – This website is a classic. It is originally in English and often used to teach students about science, history, geography, art, music, and more – typically via fun videos and trivia! There is a paid version, but you can still find plenty of free info and videos here.

News in Slow Spanish – This site has podcast episodes and videos about news topics, all sorted into levels! From beginner to advanced, this is a great resource for any learner.

Telemundo – This giant organization offers news, videos, TV shows, horoscopes, and so much more all online!

Spanish dictionaries:

SpanishDict – The cream of the crop, I think! This dictionary has tons of features (sentence translation, example sentences, audio, different forms of a word/verb, etc) and can even be used as an active learning tool via their exercises, quizzes, and more (as mentioned above).

Diccionario de la lengua española – This great dictionary also has many features, such as word origin, example sentences, synonyms, antonyms, etc.

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As with the websites, these apps are specific to Spanish and Spanish alone. For general language learning, check out my listed blog posts at the top of this page! 🙂

Several of these are free for a select number of lessons and then cost to continue.

I would recommend trying a ton of apps and websites out first, before buying anything.

There are more than enough free Spanish resources (or better paid options, like italki), but some sites or apps might be perfect for you and your lifestyle and therefore worth paying for!

Courses and other learning apps:

Spanish Word GameMy personal favorite! This is a very fun matching game to teach you vocab. You match to win points and you can then use the points to add new vocab lists to your repertoire. There is a small grammar aspect to the app as well, but it is minimal.

Lirica – Learn Spanish through music! This app has tons of songs in Spanish that each teach a different grammar feature and/or new vocab via fun exercises and games.

SpanishDict – The app version of the amazing website mentioned above. A dictionary and translator with lessons and vocab drills as well!

Fabulingua – Teaching Spanish via children’s stories and tons of cool features! Games, recording for pronunciation practice, bilingual or Spanish-only narration, and more.

Parla – A very full app with tons of features to learn all aspects of Spanish!

LangLandia – This is an expansive app designed like a video game to teach vocab and grammar to beginners and pre-intermediate learners!

Conjuu – This app helps teach you verb conjugations via quizzes and reviews.

Conjugato – Similar to Conjuu (in that it is a verb conjugation guide), but a bit more simple.

Spanish Verb Conjugator – Another simple app that helps with verb conjugations. This one is less quiz-like than the two above, however. It just shows conjugations – it will not help teach you them!

10 Minute Spanish – A bite-sized vocab learning app that focuses on speaking, listening, and writing.

Infinite Spanish – Great bite-sized lessons to teach vocab. Including fun games to practice, as well!

ReWord Flashcards – A simple vocab flashcard app similar to Quizlet or Anki.

Lingo Cat – A vocab training app for beginners.

ABC Mexican Spanish – A beginner app to teach vocab via lessons, quizzes, and games!

Learn Spanish for Beginners – A simple, but surprisingly thorough free and offline app to take you from “beginner to expert”. I would argue that it does not reach “expert” levels, however it is a great app for many levels and for many learners!

Spanish Learning for Beginners – A minimalistic app to help you with mastering Spanish conversation.

Spanish for Kids with Stories – This is geared towards kids, but also a great app for adult beginners! Via stories, this app will teach you vocab, pronunciation, and sentence building.

Unuhi Bilingual Books – Children’s stories in both Spanish and English!

Learn Spanish Offline – This is a simple phrasebook that has some quizzes to help you learn.

Learn Spanish Phrases – This is another phrasebook. This one has more topics than the one above, however less quiz options!

Spanish Translator Offline – This is an offline dictionary with over 200k words and phrases.

Telemundo – All things Telemundo TV related can be found here, including full episodes of many shows!

Canela TV – Another app to watch Spanish shows and movies on!

La Musica – A radio and podcast app with tons of options!


If you want to play some fun games in Spanish on your phone, there are two easy ways!

The first is to just switch your phone language to Spanish. This will often automatically switch quite a few apps to this Spanish (even ones where there are no visible language settings!).

The other option is to go to a specific game’s settings and then switch the language manually! Many apps have this capability and then you can play your favorite games in Spanish.

Picking word games or games with a lot of text is ideal, as you can train your language skills much more than a typical game with only visuals and little to no text.

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Most of these links are for Spotify. If you do not have Spotify, no worries, you can find some of these via other platforms!

If one podcast appeals to you, just search it online and you should find another listening option that will work for you 🙂

Spanish language learning podcasts:

A Zero to a Hero! – This podcast is from Babbel and focuses on a student named Catriona who is learning Spanish as an absolute beginner. Therefore, this is also great for other absolute beginners!

¡Hablemos Español! – A podcast from the ‘Let’s Speak Spanish’ site mentioned above. Great for beginners – even absolute beginners!

Spanish con Salsa – A branch off of the site mentioned above, this podcast is geared towards beginners and primarily teaches Spanish from music!

Lightspeed Spanish Beginner’s Course – A great podcast for beginners that focuses on all sorts of topics.

Notes in Spanish – This podcast is a beginner conversational podcast that uses English and Spanish to teach (and frequently review) language topics, while talking about various topics.

Spanishland School – Short, 10 minute episodes to teach you and give you tips. Best for beginners, but some episodes could be beneficial to even intermediate or advanced learners!

Coffee Break Spanish – This podcast starts with season 1 for beginners, and works up to season 4 and various spin-off seasons meant for advanced and advanced learners!

Spanish Obsessed – Similar to Coffee Break Spanish, this podcast consists of different levels! From the beginner podcast (linked) to intermediate and advanced!

Español Automático – A collection of podcast episodes of all different levels (listed with each title) on various topics. Sometimes it is just a conversational episode, sometimes it is meant to teach a specific Spanish topic!

Podcasts in Spanish – This website offers a huge amount of podcasts for pre-intermediate, intermediate, and advanced learners on all sorts of topics. They also offer extra features for paid members, such as accompanying worksheets, vocab lists, etc.

Palabras Bravas – A podcast made for intermediate+ learners that primarily goes over vocab and grammar.

Hoy Hablamos – This podcast is geared towards intermediate+ learners and has almost 1000 episodes diving into all sorts of Spanish language topics!

Hoy Hablamos Gramática – This is the sister podcast to the one above. The focus of this one is solely on learning Spanish grammar. Best for intermediate+ learners!

Misc. podcasts in Spanish:

Duolingo Spanish Podcast – Great for beginners. This is a simple podcast in English and Spanish that tells real-life stories.

Un día en español – A beginners podcast from Babbel that tells stories with English narration. They also release an extra ‘Spanish only’ episode each time, if you wish to listen to the story with no English narration!

Simple Stories in Spanish – A storytelling podcast with a new story each episode. Important to note: the reader is not a native speaker and does not have perfect pronunciation. She is a non-native Spanish teacher. Each episode, she explains the topic and gives some key vocab in English before reading in Spanish. Great for beginners and up!

Tres Cuentos – A literary podcast where each story centers around a different author and country. Each story consists of two episodes: one in English and one in Spanish. Therefore, its great for all levels!

StoryLearning Spanish – A multi-season storytelling podcast all in Spanish. For low-intermediate learners and up.

Easy Spanish Podcast – Conversations and mini interviews in “easy” Spanish. For low-intermediate learners and up.

El oso latino habla español – A podcast that focuses on news, stories, music, and more. The main goal is to help intermediate learners improve their Spanish!

Unlimited Spanish Podcast – This podcast is best for intermediate+ learners. Occasionally, Oscar will teach new vocab or phrases, but most episodes are just conversations about various Spanish language related topics!

Español con Juan – Similar to the Unlimited Spanish podcast, this series combines some teaching with mostly conversational episodes. Geared towards intermediate+ learners.

Doorway to Mexico – A intermediate+ conversational podcast centered around Mexico.

Radio Ambulante – A journalism podcast that reports on Latin America in Spanish. Best for intermediate+ learners.

Charlas Hispanas – Each episode is hosted by a Spanish speaker from a different Latin American country. The episodes are about various Latin American related topics and are created for intermediate+ learners.

Españolistos – Conversations between a native Spanish speaker and a non-native speaker on all types of topics. Ideal for intermediate+ learners.

No Hay Tos – This conversational podcast focuses on Mexican Spanish. Geared towards intermediate+ learners.

Nómadas – A intermediate+ travel podcast that highlights different cities each episode!

En Defensa Propia – A podcast all about women. Including interviews with women, advice and tips, funny episodes, emotional episodes, etc. Best for intermediate+ learners.

El Gran Apagón – ‘The Great Blackout’. This is a fictional story shared in a documentary type of style that tells the story of a great, worldwide blackout and what occurs after. Ideal for intermediate+ learners.

El Verdadero Robo del Siglo – This podcast talks about the true story of an infamous Argentinian bank heist from 2006. It is just 6 episodes, but very well done! Geared towards intermediate+ learners.

Cosas de Internet – All about tech and the internet world. Some episodes are very specific and best for advanced+ learners, but most could be enjoyed by intermediate+ learners!

Obsesión por el Cielo – This is an astronomy podcast with roughly 1000 episodes about everything sky related! Due to the highly specific topic and vocab, this is best for advanced+ learners!

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I hope you found some amazing, new Spanish resources to add to your study routine here!

If you have any good Spanish resources I missed, please let us all know in the comments below 🙂

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