Master Post of Korean Resources (Sites, Apps, Podcasts, Etc)

Master Post of Korean Resources - Sites, apps, podcasts, etc. Plurilingualism

If you are learning Korean and looking for some awesome Korean resources, you are exactly where you need to be!

I have collected quite the list of Korean resources over the years and am happy to share all of them with you now!

Below you can find some great Korean podcasts to listen to on tons of different topics, some fun YouTube channels, the best sites and apps, free and paid resources, textbooks and novels, complete learning guides, and more!

Whether you are a complete beginner or already an advanced learner, or whether you are self studying Korean or learning Korean with a tutor, these Korean resources will help you reach your goals!

Check out the table of contents below to see an overview and to jump to any section you need. And when you want to jump back up to the table of contents, just click on the “jump to top” below each section!

Useful Posts on Plurilingualism (YouTube, Books, etc):

I have already written about some amazing resources that are either general (for all languages – including Korean) or Korean specific!

– If you are self-studying Korean, check out this guide on self-studying any language!

This post will help you master the Korean alphabet/writing script (Hangul) and this post will help you master Korean pronunciation!

– If you are looking for some great Korean YouTube channels (for learning or for just for fun), here is a great list! For tips on using social media, in general, to learn Korean, click here!

– For sites to find Korean books, check out this post. And if you want to use reading to help you learn Korean, click here for methods and tips!

– If you wish to watch TV in Korean to help you learn, check out this post.

– For writing help and strategies (plus 50 foreign language prompts to help you write in Korean), check out this post.

– Check out tips on using study methods like animedoro or spaced repetition!

Here are my five favorite language learning resources, here are the best 15 apps to learn any language, and here are unique language learning resources. Don’t forget to check out my general resources page for a massive list of all sorts of resources as well!

Busuu and Memrise are both amazing language learning resources I wrote about that can (and should!) be used for Korean.

italki is one of the greatest language learning resources of all time and great for Korean! Click here to read all about it.

Table of Contents (click to jump!)

Complete Language Guides




Complete Korean Language Guides:

90 Day Korean’s ‘Learn Korean Online’

Story Learning’s ‘Ultimate Guide for Beginners’

Lingholic’s ‘A Complete Guide A to Z’

Clozemaster’s ‘The Best Way to Learn Korean’


The sites below are specific to Korean and Korean alone.

For sites that help with language learning in general, check out my resource page here!

Learn Hangul

90 Day Korean – This is a thorough and straightforward guide to learning Hangul.

Story Learning – They have a ‘how to learn the Korean alphabet fast’ guide that is also quite thorough. They also include quite a bit of Hangul history as well, which I find very nice!

Korean Go – Their Hangul guide is very simple and easy to use and learn from. It gives me 90’s gaming vibes in a way and I find it fun to work with!

P.S – If you will be typing in Hangul on your computer, it can be a bit tricky to learn at first. Here is a great guide from 90 Day Korean all about this!

And be sure to check out my Korean Printable Study Pack on Etsy for learning Hangul, great charts, and help with mastering different styles of handwriting!

Full courses and educational sites:

Talk to Me in Korean – The cream of the crop. The OG Korean resource and the reigning monarch. I highly recommend this site to anyone learning Korea, no matter their level. It has great free lessons and resources, but the paid version of the site is extremely useful. They have textbooks and podcasts and a YouTube channel, as well! **As of August 9th, 2023, TTMIK will no longer be free for general use. You will need to become a member to access any content from them outside of their YouTube channel!

Yonsei University First Step Korean – An official course from a highly reputable uni that covers the basics of learning Korean!

King Sejong Institute – An awesome site full of curriculum and resources for beginners up to intermediate learners.

How to Study Korean – A great website with tons of free resources for learners of all levels! They have tons of units with tons of lessons, a YouTube channel, workbooks for sale, and more.

90 Day Korean – Yet another massive site with a huge amount of Korean resources for free. They also have paid features. On top of all of their Korean language articles, they also write a lot about the culture and Korea, in general!

Talking 2 KoreansFree textbooks! Seems to be best for beginner to intermediate learners.

Korea JoongAng Daily – A news website that offers bilingual stories in Korean and English. This is meant to help Koreans with their English, but it can just as easily be used the other way around!

LP Learn KoreanTons of guides and lessons, especially grammar lessons, all for free.

My Languages – Lots of small lessons on tons of topics – mostly grammatical topics.

The Korea Times – Their ‘Learn Korean’ course is free and works from beginner (where you can watch videos in a few different languages) up to “advanced high“. After the beginner series, the videos and descriptions are all in Korean only!

Sogang Korean Program – This is put on by Sogang University in Korea and is a great resource for beginner and intermediate learners! Unfortunately it is older and uses Shockwave -Flash (which is no longer maintained), so some parts of the site are no longer usable. However, what is still usable is very helpful!

Ohio State University Pathway to Korean – This course has a few units with several lessons each. The goal is to help absolute beginners reach the intermediate level.

Lang Intro Introduction to Korean – Just as it sounds, this site is a basic intro to Korean!

KBS Let’s Learn Korean – This is a simple, but great little course aimed to teach basic Korean to people moving to Korea. It will still help anyone though, regardless of if they will move to or visit Korea or not!

Korean Class 101 – I find the (free) YouTube channel better than the website here (which does cost money to use the majority of). There are better free sites out there (above), but this can be a great paid resource for some!

Educational games:

Master Any Language – This site has several different types of games on several topics!

Lin Go – A vocab drill game you can play against the computer or real people around the world. For free, you can only play the flashcard version, but this is still fun! The premium plan opens up two more game styles.

My Languages – A vocab game where you see an image and word in English and you must enter in the correct Korean word.

Digital Dialects – A small collection of some simple games on various, basic Korean topics.

Korean dictionaries:

Naver Dictionary – Arguably the best Korean dictionary out there. It shows images, idioms that use the searched word, the type of speech, example sentences, similar words, and more!

National Institute of Korean Language – A great dictionary made for language learners. Lots of information. Similar to Naver, though with fewer example sentences and idioms.

Daum – Another good dictionary, but a bit harder to use than the two above. Offers a bit less in terms of extras (type of speech, examples, etc), but still a great option!

Papago – This is not a dictionary, but it is a very useful translation tool! This is a part of Naver and is the best option for Korean translations – much better than Google or any others.

Misc. / fun sites in Korean:

Jr. Naver – For those who are not as advanced in Korean (yet!), Jr. Naver is a great place to practice! They have tons of videos and songs aimed at children that are great for those of us learning Korean.

Viki – If you want to watch TV and movies in Korean, this site will be heaven for you. They have tons of K-Dramas and movies, all with subtitles in almost any language you could think of! Most are free, though you do have to pay for some media and special features. Personally, I find the free version plenty fine, though!

Naver Comics / Webtoons – If you are fairly advanced in Korean and are looking for some Korean webtoons to practice with, this site is perfect!

Naver Web Novels – If you want to read, but webtoons aren’t really your style, check out these web novels!

Naver Books – This is a massive Korean book directory! You can find tons of book ideas on here. If you find a book you love and aren’t sure where to buy it that will ship to you, try some book sites mentioned on my post here!

Naver Blog Directory – Tons of blog articles about all different types of topics!

Naver Vibe – This is a music extension of Naver where you can find a lot of great Korean music to listen to!

Lyrics K-pop – If you want to find some K-pop lyrics in Hangul, this is a great site to check!

Gasazip – This is another site to find K-pop lyrics in Hangul, though this one is all in Korean (no English!).

Chosun – An extremely popular news site in Korea.

Yonhap News Agency – Another news website all in Korean!

KBS World News – A (very popular) news agency in Korea.

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Several of these are free for a select number of lessons and then cost to continue.

I would recommend trying a ton of apps and websites out first, before buying anything.

There are more than enough free Korean resources (or perhaps better paid options, like italki), but some sites or apps might be perfect for you and your lifestyle and therefore worth paying for!

Courses and other educational apps:

TTMIK App – This is the official TTMIK app which offers all of the lessons on their website, as well as a couple of other features from their site!

90 Day Korean – The app version of 90 Day Korean. Lots of lessons and info to help you learn Korean!

LingoDeer Korean – This is a general language learning app (for multiple languages), but it is worth noting here, as it is so great for Korean! It does cost to use after a certain extent, but many say it is worth it. I have never tried the paid version yet, but its on my list!

Eggbun – Great app with tons of features. Webtoons, a bot to chat with, lessons, vocab lists (with audio), and more!

Seemile – An app based on the great YouTube channel of the same name. This app has lessons based on Hangul, vocab, K-Dramas, and grammar.

Catch it Korean – A fun game (with even more mini games!) to help you learn Korean. Best for advanced beginners or intermediate learners, but all levels might find it very fun!

Sejong Basic Korean Grammar – The app version of the Sejong online course grammar sections.

Teuida – A cool app to help train your Korean speaking via pronunciation analysis, interactive virtual situations, and quizzes!

Infinite Korean – Learn vocab and play fun games to train it!

Learn Korean Wordpower – Learn vocab with flashcards, audio (where you can also record yourself and compare), example sentences, and more.

Drops Korean – Fun, simple app to train your vocab.

Learn Korean Phrases and Words – Another vocab app with lots of topics and phrases!

Korean Vocabulary TOPIK Words – This is another vocab app, but the focus here is on TOPIK words to prepare you for your TOPIK exam!

Learn Hangul – A Hangul learning app with a straightforward and simple design.

Learn Korean! Hangul – Another Hangul learning app which also offers a drawing feature to teach the stroke movements!

Hanglow K-pop Lyrics – This app aims to teach you Korean via K-pop lyrics. You can learn vocab, read the lyrics, speak into their mic for pronunciation practice, and take quizzes!

Naver Dictionary – This is the app version of the dictionary mentioned above. Click on the “similar apps” section of the link to find other Naver apps to help you too!

Naver Papago – The app version of the translation tool mentioned above!


If you want to play some fun games in Korean on your phone, there are two easy ways!

The first is to just switch your phone language to Korean. This will often automatically switch quite a few apps to this Korean (even ones where there are no visible language settings!).

The other option is to go to a specific game’s settings and then switch the language manually! Many apps have this capability and then you can play your favorite games in Korean.

Picking word games or games with a lot of text is ideal, as you can train your language skills much more than a typical game with only visuals and little to no text.

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Several of these links are for Spotify or Apple. If you do not have either, dont worry, you can find most of these on other sites!

If one podcast appeals to you, just give it a search online and you should find other listening options that work for you 🙂

Korean language learning podcasts:

TTMIK Core Korean Grammar – This podcast goes hand-in-hand with the TTMIK website lessons. The short episodes go over the specific grammar in each TTMIK lesson. Therefore, all levels can use it from absolute beginner to advanced!

Real Life Korean Conversations – This conversation based Korean learning podcast is also from TTMIK and is geared towards beginners.

Essential Korean – A Korean learning podcast that is great for beginners and up. The focus is mostly grammar, but topics vary!

Twinkling Korean – A conversational podcast for beginner-intermediate learners.

– Hangugeo con AngDuck for beginners and for intermediate+ learners – This podcast has two versions depending on your level! She talks about language learning, offers tips, goes over vocab and phrases, and more. The intermediate podcast is more conversational, talking about a variety of topics.

Sponge Mind – A bilingual podcast (episodes are recorded in English and Korean!) that talks about language learning and all things Korea. Best for all levels (as you can choose which language you listen to, or both!)

Intermediate Korean – The goal of this podcast is to help you learn Korean naturally through conversation and stories.

Drama Lines – A podcast to teach you conversational phrases from K-Dramas.

Kingka – A podcast that talks about K-dramas and language learning. Note: the speaker is a non-native Korean speaker.

Byeoljari – The same man who runs Kingka. This is an ASMR podcast that joins astronomy and language learning in one!

IYAGI – Another TTMIK podcast. This one focuses on natural, conversational Korean for intermediate-advanced learners.

Talk to Me in 100% Korean – A TTMIK podcast for advanced Korean learners. This is 100% in Korean and much more advanced than any other TTMIK podcasts!

Misc. podcasts in Korean:

You can find basically any Korean podcast at Podbbang here! Below are just some great options!

Korean Storytelling with Coco Mom – A relaxing podcast where a mother reads Korean stories to her children (and you)! Best for beginners-intermediate and above.

Korean New Yorker – The short musings of a Korean living in New York. Best for intermediate-advanced learners.

SSE – A podcast where a native Korean speaker reads stories in English and Korean. The English is often quite off (translation-wise), but the Korean is great for learners! Skip to the halfway mark to hear only the Korean. Best for intermediate-advanced learners.

KBS World News Radio – The podcast version of the news site mentioned above! Best for advanced learners.

TBS 김어준의 뉴스공장 – A well loved news podcast. Best for advanced learners.

정영진 최욱의 매불쇼 – The top podcast on Podbbang! A comedy podcast. Best for advanced learners.

김용민의 측면승부 – A podcast about discussing news, facts, and more from the Mir Media Research Institution. Best for advanced learners.

썬킴의 세계사 완전정복 – World history storytelling! Best for advanced learners.

송은이&김숙 비밀보장 – A popular advice podcast about relationships, personal life, etc. Best for advanced learners.

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Did you find any new Korean resources here? I hope so!

If I missed anything good, let us all know in the comments below!

Don’t forget to check out my language learning printables to help with learning Korean on Etsy here! 🙂

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