Master Post of Italian Resources (Sites, Apps, Podcasts, Etc)

Master Post of Italian Resources. Sites, apps, podcasts, etc.

If you are learning Italian and looking for the ultimate list of Italian resources, you are in the right place!

Below you can find some awesome Italian podcasts to listen to on tons of different topics, some great YouTube channels, the best sites and apps to learn Italian with, free and paid resources, complete guides, and more!

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced learner, or whether you are learning Italian on your own, or learning Italian with a tutor, these Italian resources will help you reach your language goals!

Check out the table of contents below to see an overview and to jump to any section you need. And when you want to jump back up to the table of contents, just click on the “jump to top” below each section!

Useful Posts on Plurilingualism (YouTube, Books, etc):

I have already written about some amazing resources for language learning on this site – including some great ones for Italian!

– If you are self-studying Italian, check out this guide on self-studying any language!

This post will help you master Italian pronunciation!

– If you are looking for some great Italian YouTube channels (for learning or for just for fun), here is a great list! For tips on using social media, in general, to learn Italian, click here!

– For sites to find Italian books, check out this post. And if you want to use reading to help you learn Italian, click here for methods and tips!

– If you wish to watch TV in Italian to help you learn, check out this post.

– For writing help and strategies (plus 50 foreign language prompts to help you write in Italian), check out this post.

– Check out tips on using study methods like animedoro or spaced repetition!

Here are my five favorite language learning resources, here are the best 15 apps to learn any language, and here are unique language learning resources. Don’t forget to check out my general resources page for a massive list of all sorts of resources as well!

Busuu and Memrise are both amazing language learning resources I wrote about that can (and should!) be used for Italian.

italki is one of the greatest language learning resources of all time and great for Italian! Click here to read all about it.

Table of Contents (click to jump!)

Complete Language Guides




Complete Italian Language Guides:

– StoryLearning’s “Ultimate Italian Guide for Beginners” (a very thorough guide including the history of the Italian language and many cool facts!)

– Preply’s “How to Learn Italian” (a great step-by-step guide)

– The Intrepid Guide’s “Italian for Beginners” (another step-by-step with lots of links and material!)


The sites below are specific to Italian and Italian alone.

For sites that help with language learning in general (i.e big companies and sites, general vocab training, etc), check out my resource page here!

Full courses, worksheets, online textbooks, and educational sites:

Online Italian Club – This website is a gem. It has tons of Italian learning material (for free!) for absolute beginners all the way up to C2! No matter if you need/want to focus on reading, listening, writing, speaking, grammar, vocab, etc – this site has it all.

One World Italian – Similar to the site above, it offers tons of Italian learning material for all levels. Some material does cost, but there is still plenty to do for free!

Italiano Bello – A very cute and helpful site that also has tons of material! They have some books and material to purchase, but as with both above, there is plenty of free material (grammar, courses, vocab, audio, videos, etc).

The Italian Experiment – Another website that has tons of learning material. In addition to their lessons, they also have children’s stories with audio and videos!

Italiano Automatico – You might recognize this name from their YouTube channel or podcast (listed below), but they also have a website with lots of learning material! Some courses are offered for a price, but there is also a free blog with tons of tips and lessons.

Wellesley College Italian – These free college courses are offered for beginners up to advanced learners. You can ‘enroll’ easily and any time and you can work through it all at your own pace!

Leggiamo – This site offers two full textbooks that teach largely via stories and reading! There is the full textbook, as well as accompanying audio available. These are best for confident beginners and low intermediate learners!

I Learn Italian – A bit of an odd, old website, but packed with good content on grammar, vocab, learning Italian via songs and movies, and even lessons on Italian hand gestures!

FSI Italian Lessons – The FSI (Foreign Service Institute) of the US government released their Italian ‘fast course’ audio files and they have quite a bit for Italian! They are very basic and quite old, but contain a lot of files total.

Language Transfer Intro to Italian – This is another collection of very helpful audio files to teach you basic Italian!

Studentessa Matta – This website has several (paid) Italian courses, but also a free blog with tons of Italian language material and learning motivation!

Learn Italian with Lucrezia Blog – A blog that is no longer active, but has tons of past material to help you learn Italian and learn all about Italy. She also hosted a podcast that is listed below!

Learn, Travel, Italian Blog – Another blog that is no longer active, but has a great deal of Italian language learning material. This one is a less modern and visual than the one above, but offers more explanations and examples!

Italian for my Girlfriend – This is a tumblr account that created more than 1000 cute drawings for various Italian vocab!

Italy Made Easy – A website created by a native Italian that has tons of content (via paid membership) to help native English speakers learn Italian. It offers quite a lot of content and is highly regarded as a well-rounded course!

StoryLearning’s Italian Uncovered – A full (paid) course to learn Italian using Olly Richard’s self-created ‘StoryLearning’ method.

Cyber Italian Courses – Another selection of paid courses. They offer self-study courses, tutored courses, and private (1-on-1) courses!

Italian Pod 101 – As mentioned on Plurilingualism before, the ‘Class/Pod 101’ series contains a lot of great audio material for language learning, but it does requite a paid memebership to be used! It is, however, a full course, with lots of resources and study help.

Educational games:

Digital Dialects Italian Games – These are simple games for beginners to master simple topics!

Soft Schools Italian – A small collection of some beginner games and quizzes on a few topics.

Syvum – Another simple website that offers rudimentary games and quizzes on a wide variety of beginner topics! It has the least game types on this list (arguably just hangman, if you don’t count quizzes!), but it has the most variety of topics!

Learn Italian – This site has 12 different games (and mini lessons to go with them) geared towards beginners.

One World Italian Activities – A collection of several activities for levels A1, A2, B1, and B2!

Boing TV – These games are not made for learners, but if you are of intermediate level or above (perhaps even just a confident beginner!), then you can certainly play some of these games and learn some vocab and grammar along the way!

Italian dictionaries:

Sapere – This dictionary has the option to search for words and phrases in 9 different languages, search for synonyms, antonyms, etc.

WordReference Italian Dictionary – This is a great beginners dictionary that allows you to search and read all features in English and Italian! It has tons of extra features too, such as example sentences, various uses and parts of speech, an option to also look at the Collins Dictionary entry, and more.

Treccani – This Italian encyclopedia is great for learners who want to search and read about a word all in Italian (no English)!

Traduttore – As you can see by the name perhaps, this is not a dictionary per say, but rather a translation service! If you must use one, please use this one for Italian rather than Google Translate!!

Misc. / fun sites in Italian:

LiberLiber – A collection of tons of Italian books! E-books and audiobooks from various authors in all genres.

Giallo Zafferano – A recipe sharing website in Italian! The focus is all Italian food and this is certainly a fun and practical way to fill your stomach and your brain!

Manuela Vitulli Blog – This is a lifestyle blog from Manuela, an Italian woman. She posts about fashion, travel, food, you name it. All in Italian!

Mindcheats – This blog is no longer active, but has tons of posts all about hacking your brain to be more productive. And all 100% in Italian! From memory tricks to sleep tips to productivity hacks and more.

La Gazzetta – A sports website with tons of info and news!

La Repubblica – The most visited news website in Italy!

Corriere Della Sera – The second most visited news website in Italy!

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Some of these are free for a select number of lessons and then cost to continue.

I would recommend trying a ton of other resources first, before buying anything.

There are more than enough free Italian resources (or just better paid options, like italki), but some site or app might be perfect for you and your lifestyle and therefore worth it!

Courses and other learning apps:

Poro – This app has several lessons, conversations (with audio!), vocab, stories, and more!

Poro Vocab – This is a branch-off of the app above. This one focuses only on vocab and flashcards.

LingQ Italian – This is the Italian version of LingQ, the app that the famous polyglot Steve Kaufmann created! It offers several lessons (all with audio), stories, progress tracking, flashcards, and more.

Mondly Italian – The Italian version of Mondly. This app has tons of lessons where you can practice conversations, learn vocab and grammar, and track progress. This app does require a Mondly subscription though!

Learn Italian + – 100 lessons with tons of exercises (including speaking exercises!), flashcards, phrases, progress tracking, and more.

LinDuo: Learn Italian – Another app with 100+ lessons and some simple features, such as flashcards, exercises, tracking, etc.

Learn Italian for Beginners – Mostly vocab learning (with almost 10,000 words!), but also some simple grammar exercises and even a translation feature – all available for offline use!

Drops Italian – The Italian version of Drops! With small and simple vocab lessons, complete with several mini games.

Infinite Italian – Gameified vocabulary learning for basic Italian.

ReWord: Italian Vocab – A flashcard vocab learning app that has the most common 5,000 words in Italian and several helpful features (like tracking, various categories, the ability to make your own flashcards, etc).

Tobo: Learn Italian Words – Another flashcard app. This app has the most frequently used 3,500 words in Italian and supplies some simple games and quizzes to help you remember!

WordPower Italian – A flashcard app that has more than 2,000 words. It offers features to help with pronunciation, as well as example sentences, quizzes, and more!

Italian Verb Conjugator Pro – This app is a conjugator with more than 500 Italian verbs in 18 tenses – all with audio. It does cost 99 cents to download, though!

Conjuu Italian – Another verb conjugator. This one offers some for free, but the pro version has over 900 verbs and offers personalized tests, reviews, tracking, and more.

Verbare – A verb conjugator that offers more than 500 verbs in 13 tenses – all for offline use! As with the one above, some can be accessed for free, but the pro version has all verbs and tenses.

Learn Italian Verbs – Yet another verb learning app (that also costs to use past more in-depth). This one, however, puts much more focus on learning the verbs (vs just viewing the conjugations) and offers flashcards, quizzes, reviews, etc.

Italian Grammar – This has 74 simple lessons on grammar. It is largely just explanations for certain grammar aspects – I don’t believe it has any exercises or quizzes!

Italian Reading & Audio BooksRead and listen to lots of Italian books in a variety of different levels on this app!


If you want to play some fun games in Italian on your phone, there are two easy ways!

The first is to just switch your phone language to Italian. This will often automatically switch many apps to this language (even ones where there are no visible language settings!).

The other option is to just go to a specific game’s settings and switch the language manually! Most apps have this capability and then you can play whatever games you love most in Italian.

Picking word games or games with lots of text is best, as you can train your language skills much more than a typical game with little to no text.

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Most of these links are for Spotify. If you do not have Spotify, no worries, you can find some of these via other platforms!

If one podcast appeals to you, just search it online and you should be able to find another listening option that will work for you πŸ™‚

Language learning podcasts:

Coffee Break Italian – This podcast teaches the basics of Italian, helping you work your way up to an intermediate level.

Learn Italian in Your Car and Verbs 101 – This is a playlist of several episodes from an old CD course. It helps absolute beginners work up to a low intermediate level and even has an entire accompanying course on verbs!

Italiano Automatico Podcast – A podcast to help students of Italian learn in a more fun and natural way! Best for low intermediate learners and up (though even confident beginners might understand a lot!).

Learn Italian with Lucrezia – This is a podcast that combines educational episodes (to actively learn Italian) with variety episodes (to passively learn Italian via listening). It is ideal for low intermediate learners and up.

Misc. podcasts in Italian:

News in Slow Italian – A news podcast that is in very slowly spoken Italian. This is great for beginners and intermediate learners.

Tutti Matti per l’Italiano! – Made with language learners in mind, this podcast talks about all sorts of topics related to Italy. Transcripts in English and Italian are also available on their ‘Studentessa Matta’ website (mentioned above)! Best for low intermediate learners and up

Podcast 100% Italiano – This variety podcast is from Italy Made Easy (a site mentioned above) and is a (somewhat) slowly spoken podcast about all things Italy related. Ideal for low intermediate learners and up.

La bottega di Babbel – Another variety show all about Italy. Best for low intermediate learners and up – this is from Babbel and was created with language learners in mind!

Quattro Stagioni con Laura – A variety podcast made for language learners that talks about all sorts of Italian related topics. Great for low intermediate learners and up.

Podcast Italiano – This conversational podcast is a group of friends (often two) who talk about various topics. This is great for intermediate learners and up.

Con parole nostre – Another conversational podcast with a group of Italian friends. Ideal for intermediate learners and up!

Simple Italian Podcast – A variety show podcast that covers tons of different topics – all in simple and clear Italian! Great for intermediate learners and up.

4 verticale – Another podcast from Babbel. This one is a fun podcast about general language learning and is best for intermediate and up.

Com’è quel gioco? Il podcast di board games – As the title suggests, this podcast spotlights a new board game every week. This one is great for upper intermediate learners and up.

Morgana – An interesting podcast all about strong women and their means of self-expression. This podcast is ideal for upper intermediate learners and up.

Veleno – A true crime podcast about the story of a town that had 16 children taken from their families. Families who were all accused of pedophilia and satanism in the 1990’s. Best for advanced learners and up. (There is also a mini-series on TV that looked into this event, by the same name!)

Senza rossetto – This podcast is all about women and covers a wide variety of topics! Ideal for advanced learners and up.

Scientificast – A podcast about science. The goal is to explain it clearly to the general public! This podcast is great for advanced learners and up.

Fisicast – This is similar to the one above, but the focus is solely on physics! This is best for proficient learners+.

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I really hope this ultimate list of Italian resources helps you in your studies! Let me know in the comments which of these Italian resources is your favorite or if you have any good ones that I missed here πŸ™‚

Good luck!

P.S – I was listening to THIS Italian playlist on YouTube while making this post and I would highly recommend it!! Great songs and such a feelgood vibe πŸ™‚

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