Master Post of German Resources (Sites, Apps, Podcasts, Etc)

Master Post of German Resources. German sites, German apps, German podcasts, etc. Plurilingualism

If you are learning German and looking for some amazing German resources, you are in the right place!

I have been learning German for many years now and have collected quite the list of resources.

Below you can find some awesome German podcasts to listen to on tons of different topics, some great YouTube channels, the best sites and apps, free and paid resources, all sorts of textbooks and novels, complete guides, and more!

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced learner, or whether you are learning German on your own, or learning German with a tutor, these German resources will help you reach your goals!

Check out the table of contents below to see an overview and to jump to any section you need. And when you want to jump back up to the table of contents, just click on the “jump to top” below each section!

Useful Posts on Plurilingualism (YouTube, Books, etc):

Before you head into the German specific resources, I have already written about some amazing resources for language learning, in general, on this site!

– If you are self-studying German, check out this guide on self-studying any language!

This post will help you master German pronunciation!

– If you are looking for some great German YouTube channels (for learning or for just for fun), here is a great list! For tips on using social media, in general, to learn German, click here!

– For sites to find German books, check out this post. And if you want to use reading to help you learn German, click here for methods and tips!

– If you wish to watch TV in German to help you learn, check out this post.

– For writing help and strategies (plus 50 foreign language prompts to help you write in German), check out this post.

– Check out tips on using study methods like animedoro or spaced repetition!

Here are my five favorite language learning resources, here are the best 15 apps to learn any language, and here are unique language learning resources. Don’t forget to check out my general resources page for a massive list of all sorts of resources as well!

Busuu and Memrise are both amazing language learning resources I wrote about that can (and should!) be used for German.

italki is one of the greatest language learning resources of all time and great for German! Click here to read all about it.

Table of Contents (click to jump!)

Complete Language Guides




Complete German Language Guides:

– ExpatDen’s Complete Guide to Learning German for Beginners

– Story Learning’s Learn German: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

– SprachHeld’s Complete A-Z German Guide

– Preply’s Ultimate Guide for Beginners


The sites below are specific to German and German alone.

For sites that help with language learning in general (i.e big companies and sites, general vocab training, etc), check out my resource page here!

Full courses, worksheets, online textbooks, and educational sites:

Deutsche Welle (DW) German Courses – the OG language resource for German! This site is old, but gold. It offers tons of German courses, podcasts, videos, etc. They offer most everything in many different languages too, so you can likely study in your native language.

Schubert – exercises, worksheets, quizzes, and lessons from A1 until C2! Everything is only in German, but with a bit of German knowledge or a dictionary, you should be able to get a LOT out of this site even as a beginner. The lessons are quite simple and straightforward. Intermediate and advanced learners will be particularly happy here!

Nancy ThuleenA German worksheet heaven. If you click on the “teach” section, you’ll find hundreds of worksheets on hundreds of topics. On top of this, this site also has book recommendations, some full courses, vocab lists, and more.

Mauswiesel – This site has lots of resources for learning German. It is aimed largely at beginners!

Goethe – This is a great place to pay for some resources or lessons, but you can also find some great free resources for all levels, even absolute beginners! Goethe is one of the most popular German language learning institutions in Germany.

Seedlang – Lessons, exercises, customizable plans, etc. all for learning German. Also a great app!

Deutsch Info – Lots of courses, exercises, quizzes, and more for German learners levels A1-B2.

Cornelsen Sprachportal – Lots of exercises based on A1-B2 workbooks. I don’t believe access to the workbooks are free, but the exercises are and can be helpful even without the books!

German Course Vienna – You can pay for proper courses and lessons, but you can also find lots of free exercises, as well, from A1 to B2!

Deutsch Training – Lots of tips, lessons, and exercises from all levels – A1 to C2! As with Schubert, the site is all in German. However, unlike Schubert, the lessons are not so straightforward. Therefore, it is probably best for intermediate and advanced learners.

Deutsch Fördern – Filled with many exercises, worksheets, quizzes, and more! Though this is another site all in German. As it is not too clear or straightforward, I believe it is best for intermediate and advanced learners.

Mein-DeutschbuchLots of resources for intermediate to advanced learners. This site is also only in German.

Aussichten – This site offers a lot of exercises and mini courses aimed at A1-B1 learners. However, this site is only in German, as well. I would recommend this for advanced beginner or intermediate learners.

Your Daily German – A fun blog all about learning German. Here you can find tips, tricks, exercises, resources, and more! Best for all levels.

Deutsch Akademie – Paid courses and tutoring, but also a substantial free section with over 50,000 exercises!

German Pod 101 – I find the YouTube channel better than the site (which does cost money to use the majority of). There are better sites out there (above), but this can be a great resource in conjunction with others!

Educational games:

A Real Me Vocab Quiz – If you want to see how big your German vocabulary is, try this fun quiz! (Also available for tons of other languages, if you want to test those as well!). This is very cool to track and see how you grow over time!

Goethe Quizzes and Games – Click on the link and scroll to the bottom for some free and fun German games!

German Games – 12 simple, but fun games to test your German skills.

Digital Dialects – Simple games (mostly vocab based) with audio.

Soft Schools – Several simple vocab and matching games.

Amira Books – Here, you can read children’s books in German. They have three levels and multiple books in each level. On top of this, the books have audio! (For other books, check my post here)

Dictionaries: – This is my favorite. It gives you everything you need to know about a word (part of speech, translations, phrases or idioms its used in, etc) and is very easy to navigate. I have the app on my phone and almost never go a day without using it.

Duden – A big fan favorite. Duden has lots of great features, similar to above! It goes a bit more in-depth though and also has the origin of the word, an image, and a few other small features depending on the word.

Leo – Very similar to, but perhaps a bit outdated. Very simple to use though, and plenty of information with each search!

Misc. / fun sites in German:

DW News – Deutsche Welle is a top news provider and you can find an endless supply of news in any topic – all in German.

Bild – Another top news provider online.

Spiegel – A third top news provider in Germany.

Chip – All things technology related. You can find product reviews, deals, trends, news, etc.

Chef Koch – A great recipe website, all in German!

Reddit DE – This community of Reddit is for German speakers. Great for finding other German sites, shows, movies, games, books, etc. The memes and jokes alone are reason enough to check this out!

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Some of these are free for a select number of lessons and then cost to continue.

I would recommend trying a ton of other resources first, before buying anything.

There are more than enough free German resources (or just better paid options, like italki), but some site or app might be perfect for you and your lifestyle and therefore worth it!

Courses and other learning apps:

Busuu German – One of my favorite language resources is Busuu. This app gives you all of the German lessons in one place. It is based on the website. I highly recommend this one! Lessons are clear, up-to-date, and useful.

Drops Learn German – Drops is a language app to learn many languages with. This is their German version. They have a modern and clean layout and teach vocab in a fun way.

Seedlang Learn German – Great app with lots of features. An official partner of Easy German too, so you can find those videos in the app, as well. Based on the Seedlang website (above).

Mondly Learn German – Thorough course on all types of German topics. Based on the Mondly language learning website.

Story Planet – Tons of great stories in German with the aim of learning German. Also a website, if you like the app, but dont wish to pay for further stories.

Learn German: Stories A1 to C1 – Tons of stories with a built-in dictionary and grammar tips!

DW – The official Deutsche Welle app with tons of German resources.

GrammatischGrammatical explanations and exercises on all types of grammar topics.

Deutsche Grammatik – Huge grammar database with lots of information and some exercises.

German Verb Conjugator – Great app for verb conjugations. With audio and sending / saving capabilities.

14,000 German Verbs – Also great for conjugation and any verb help you may need. Called Verben Lite on the Apple store.

Learn German for Beginners – Great app that is simple, but fairly thorough. Free and offline!

Wie Geht’s German – A bit old fashioned, but there are several lessons, videos, and misc features (like hangman).

The Articles: Der, Die, Das – Awesome tool for helping with the dreaded articles in German. You can pick the case (Nom, Akk, etc) as well!

Der Die Das – Article quizzes and drills.

German by Nemo – Simple beginner app with voice recording capabilities. (Great for pronunciation training!)

Learn German Phrases and Words – Straightforward vocab learning app.

ABC Learn German – Best for kids or absolute beginners. Quite a simple layout.


If you want to play some fun games in German on your phone, there are two easy ways!

The first is to just switch your phone language to German. This will often automatically switch many apps to this language (even ones where there are no visible language settings!).

The other option is to just go to a specific game’s settings and switch the language manually! Most apps have this capability and then you can play whatever games you love most in German.

Picking word games or games with lots of text is best, as you can train your language skills much more than a typical game with little to no text.

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Most of these links are for Spotify. If you do not have Spotify, no worries, you can find some of these via other platforms!

If one podcast appeals to you, just search it online and you should be able to find another listening option that will work for you 🙂

German language learning podcasts:

Coffee Break German – Aimed at absolute beginners (A0) until B1. Very simple, short lessons to get you started in German today!

Deutsch Training – Also a website above! This podcasts talks about different topics each episode, introducing new words and phrases. They have comprehension questions at the end and a transcript, as well, for extra help! Best for advanced beginners and up.

100 Sekunden Wissen – In 100 seconds, this podcast aims to teach you a new word in German and explain its origins. This is a great podcast for intermediate and up learners, though I think even beginners will find it fun and interesting!

Misc. podcasts in German:

Slow German – This podcast is aimed at talking about Germany’s current affairs in slow German for German language learners. Best for beginners!

DW Langsam gesprochenen Nachrichten – Deutsche Welle slowly spoken news podcast aimed at beginners.

DW Warum Nicht? – Deutsche Welle mini-series about a student in Germany. For levels A1-B1. You can even watch it with video, if you want!

Geschichten zum Einschlafen – Relaxing stories to help you fall asleep. For comprehension, intermediate and up is likely best, but this is great for beginners! Just put it on before you sleep and start to train your ear for German!

Easy German – This podcast (also a YouTube channel) talks to strangers on German streets about a wide array of topics. Best for intermediate and up.

100 Mal Musiklegenden – This podcast examines a new song each episode, as well as music in general. Best for intermediate and up. (Though beginners might be able to understand a good bit!)

Anne Frank Podcast – A podcast all about Anne Frank and the holocaust with the aim of encouraging the youth to not forget about the holocaust and instead remember and learn from it. Best for intermediate and up.

Good Vibes! – A podcast about living healthier and happier. Best for intermediate and up.

Besser Leben – A podcast about creating a better and happier life, with tips from experts. Best for intermediate and up.

Happy, Holy, & Confident – A mental and physical health podcast rooted in positivity and spirituality. Best for intermediate and up.

Tierisch menschlich – This podcast is all about dogs! Best for intermediate and up.

Hobbylos – Two guys with “no hobbies” talk about life and all sorts of topics. Best for intermediate and up.

Dick und Doof – Two people who are self proclaimed “dick” (chubby) and “doof” (dumb) talking about all types of topics in life. Best for intermediate and up.

Deutschland 3000 – Interviews each week with a new, interesting person! Best for intermediate and up.

Beziehungs Kosmos – A podcast all about relationships and dating. Best for intermediate and up.

Im Namen der Hose – A podcast about everything sex related. Best for intermediate-advanced learners.

SWR2 Wissen – A news podcast that is best for intermediate-advanced learners.

Gemeinsam durch die Galaxis – An astronomy podcast about all things galaxy related. Best for intermediate-advanced learners.

Erklär mir die Welt – Explanations for all different types of things in this world. From building a subway system to fast fashion and more. Best for intermediate-advanced learners.

Mordlust – A true-crime podcast focusing on serious crimes in Germany (with the occasional branch out into international crime). Best for intermediate-advanced learners.

Verbrechen – A true-crime podcast focusing on crimes of all types. Best for intermediate-advanced learners.

Weird Crimes – A comedian and a true-crime junkie talk about the weirdest crimes out there. Best for intermediate-advanced learners.

Schreckmümpfeli – Short (fictional) thriller / horror / crime stories. Best for intermediateadvanced learners.

Synapsen Mikado – A comedian father talks with his 14 year old daughter (and realizes just how big of a generation gap there is, haha). They talk about all types of topics. Best for intermediateadvanced learners. Great for learning “younger” German and slang!

Madame Moneypenny – A financial podcast meant to help women become financially independent. Best for intermediate-advanced learners.

Alles auf Aktien – Everything related to finances talked about with experts. Best for intermediate-advanced learners.

Fest & Flauschig – A comedy podcast talking about all sorts of life topics. Best for intermediateadvanced learners.

Gemischtes Hack – A podcast from two famous German comedians talking about life. Best for intermediateadvanced.

Drama Carbonara – Three women talk about life in this comedy podcast. Best for intermediateadvanced learners.

Doppelgänger Tech Talk – All about tech, presented by two tech experts. Best for advanced learners.

Alles gesagt? – This podcast has the goal of talking about a topic until the expert guest speaker can confidently say “alles gesagt” (everything was said). Due to this, many episodes are several hours! They talk about all types of topics ranging from racism to art to refugees to technology and more. This is best for advanced learners.

Servus. Grüezi. Hallo. – A political podcast talking about news in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. Due to accents, I would say this is best for advanced learners.

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I hope this helps. Let me know in the comments which is your favorite German resource!

Viel Glück und viel Spaß!

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