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General Language Resources

Busuu – My personal favorite, general language learning resource! Read all about it here.

Italki – An amazing site to find tutors in any language. Read all about it here!

Memrise – A spaced repetition learning tool for phrases, vocab, etc. Read all about it here.

Duolingo – Vocab and grammar exercises, short stories, leagues and challenges, etc.

Language Reactor – An all around web browser extension for language learning via YouTube, Netflix, and more.

– Viki – An amazing site for a huge collection of TV shows and movies around the world. Mostly Asian countries. Tons of K-drama and J-dramas here!

Fluyo – An app created by the famous YouTuber polyglot Ikenna! Its in its early stages, but I would jump on the bandwagon now, if I were you, to be there from the start! I am sure it will be a very cool and very efficient language learning app!

Beelinguapp – learn languages through reading

– FreeRice – play fun vocab training games in several languages (or just fun trivia games in English) and help raise grains of rice to feed those in need. They work with the World Food Program (WFP)

My Languages – Focused on grammar and vocab. Lots of languages offered!

Children’s Digital Library – Various children’s books in different languages

Reddit Full Foreign Movie Thread – Thread where people post full foreign movies in misc languages. Mostly Japanese, but a wide variety.

Readlang – A web reader that allows you to translate any text online. Possible flash card creation as well

Glossika – more than 60 language courses offered. This does cost money! I have not tried it out yet, but it looks very promising

Lexicity – an ancient language learning resource!

Tatoeba – A colloborative sentence translation site. You can translate other’s sentences or ask for translations on your own

Lingvo – A multilingual website about the languages of Europe. Lots of great info here!

Lingro – An 11 language dictionary with the ability to look up words or translate whole pages

Grimm’s Stories – Fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm in several languages

Lindie Botes – I love her. She posts about all things language related and about her polyglot journey in general!

GLOSS – global language online support system. They have many lessons for many languages. A bit older and sterile, but still helpful!

LinguaTV – A paid course that focuses on multimedia lessons (primarily lots of videos!) and virtual classrooms.

Some of these resources were found thanks to Haley, a girl scout from the US! Thank you Haley! 🙂

Some of my favorite language resources from above:
  • Language-Resources-Busuu
  • Language-Resources-italki-Pronunciation
  • Language-Resources-Memrise
Plurilingualism Blog posts with resources Applicable to any language:

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10 unique resources for language learning – Sites to play games, listen to the radio around the world, find poetry in your target language, etc.

Master post of language challenges – Challenges to help you learn vocab, read more, write a small novel, journal with prompts, etc. There is a challenge for everyone!

Top 5 sites for language learning overall – These five sites are the best, basic sites to learn any language. Using these to build a solid foundation and using language-specific resources (listed below) to build and fine-tune your skills will help you learn as smartly as possible!

Pronunciation guide for any language with links to guides on specific languages

Watching TV to learn your target language guide with tips and tricks!

Self-studying guide to learning languages!

Top 15 apps for learning any language

– Why you need to be reading in your target language and also writing in your target language regularly!

– How to learn a new script or alphabet

– Why spaced repetition is the best way to learn new information!

Specific Language Resources

German Resource Master Post

Spanish Resource Master Post

Korean Resource Master Post

Japanese Resource Master Post

Italian Resource Master Post

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