Hi there! My name is Rebecca

I am a San Diego native (USA) who moved to Bavaria (Germany) when I was 19 years old. I have been living here for almost a decade now!

I’ve always been fascinated with languages. My dream was always to be able to call myself a polyglot one day.

I started this blog to help organize all of my language related thoughts and goals, gather all types of tips and resources, and create a community of like minded learners.

It’s my goal to help others learn languages efficiently!

Nice to meet you!

We have easy access to near infinite knowledge and resources! I hope to take advantage of that and share the best of the best (and perhaps the worst of the worst) with you.

My languages:

(placed roughly, according to the CEFR)


– English

C1/C2 AKA Advanced:

– German (2019 TestDaF score of 5,5,4,5)

B1/B2 AKA Intermediate:

– Spanish (nearing C1, but currently on that dreaded intermediate plateau)

A1/A2 AKA Beginner:

– Korean

– Japanese

– Portuguese

Briefly Studied or Researched in the Past:

(one day more in depth, I hope!)

– Russian

– Ukrainian

– Swahili

– Mandarin Chinese

– Arabic

– Italian

– Hebrew

– Esperanto