Plurilingualism is the ability of a person who has competence in more than one language to switch between multiple languages depending on the situation for ease of communication”
Wikipedia on the definition of ‘Plurilingualism’


Welcome to Plurilingualism!

My name is Becca and I have been studying languages for most of my life.

I am a San Diego native (USA) who moved to Bavaria, Germany when I was 19 years old. I have been living here for almost a decade now!

I’ve always been fascinated with languages. My dream was always to be able to call myself a polyglot one day and be able to communicate with most of the world in a common language!

I started this blog to help organize all of my language related tips & tricks, gather and create all types of guides and resources, and create a community of like minded learners.

It’s my goal to help others learn languages efficiently! And I do hope you find help and motivation on my website here πŸ™‚

Not sure where to start with learning a language?

Check out this beginners guide for self-studying a language!
A complete guide to self-studying any language!

Self-studying a language has enormous benefits. It is customizable, cost-friendly, schedule-friendly, location-friendly, easily tracked, etc.

However it can be tricky to create a study plan that works well!

The goal of this complete guide is to help you create a self-studying language routine that will fit perfectly into your life in 5 easy steps!

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