400+ Amazing Language YouTube Channels in 50+ Languages!

400+ Language YouTube Channels in 50+ Languages! Plurilingualism

There are so many awesome language YouTube channels out there, I decided to create this easy and very thorough master list of the best!

Whether you are just looking for some inspiration learning any language, looking for tips and tricks, or looking for a specific language – I’ve got you covered!

So grab a good notebook, your favorite pen, a nice cup of tea and sit back, relax, and learn! 🙂

Be sure to check out my resources page for other great resources, as well!

*Last updated February 16, 2023*

P.S – You might like this YouTube multilingual song playlist! It has 500+ languages!! Wow!

YouTube Channels for General Language Learning:

Lindie Botes (one of my favorite language YouTube channels. She speaks several languages and talks about each of them, as well as language learning tips, goals, her language notebook, etc.)

Elysse Speaks

Laoshu50500 (the OG language YouTuber and one of the best language YouTube channels in general. Tragically, he passed away in 2021, but he has a great channel. His goal was to connect with people through language and his videos are sure to bring a smile to your face 🙂 )

My Langs


Mari Polyglot

Lang Focus (very informational videos about languages and linguistics!)

Days of French ‘n’ Swedish (despite the name, he talks about many languages and general language learning)

Couch Polyglot

Language of Earth

Shea Jordan

Ruri Ohama (mostly posts about her life, but she does make some great videos on language learning!)

Easy Languages (nice for not just hearing the language, but also learning about the culture! They also have videos on uncommon languages, making this one of the best language YouTube channels for lesser-spoken languages!)

Steve Kaufmann – LingoSteve

Lindsay Williams

Mango Languages

Xiaomanyc 小马在纽约 (a bit click-baity now, but he did used to make videos related to language learning and they can still be found on his channel! Mostly Mandarin related, but he posted about several others as well)


Luca Lampariello

5-Minute Language

Becoming a Polyglot

Fingtam Languages

BookBox (children’s books read in various languages. Seems to no longer be active, but there are tons of great videos still!)

Big Bong



Diana Polyglot

Sleep Languages (I’m not sure if I believe you can learn while sleeping, however this and the channel below might be language YouTube channels worth checking out! They use binaural beats and play words and phrases on top for several hours so you can listen while you sleep)

Eko Languages (just like above, only with more unique and lesser spoken languages!)

  • Language YouTube channel Lindie Botes
  • Language YouTube channels - Elysse Speaks
  • language youtube channels - my langs
  • language youtube channel - Laoshu505000
  • language youtube channel - Ikenna
  • language youtube channels - guresu
  • Language YouTube channels Days of French 'n' swedish
  • language youtube channels - Mari polyglot
  • language youtuber - big
  • language youtube channel - Ruri Ohama
  • language youtube channels - Xiaomanyc
  • Language youtube channel - Book Box
  • language youtube - easy languages
  • language youtube - Steve Kaufmann
  • language youtuber
  • language youtube channel - Luca Lampariello
  • language youtube channels - lang focus
  • language youtuber - eco language
  • language youtube - 5-minute language
  • language youtube channel - lindsay williams - lindsay does languages
  • language youtube channels - couch polyglot
  • Language youtube channels - Mango languages
  • language youtube channels - Babbel
  • language youtubers - language of earth
  • language youtuber -
  • language youtuber - diana
  • language youtube channels - eko language
  • language learning youtube channel - sleep learning

YouTube Channels for Specific Languages:


Learn Albanian Online

LISA Learning (might be inactive and has a small collection, but could help a beginner!)


Afrikaans Pod 101

Teach Me Afrikaans

Afrikaans with Lindie (a sub-channel of Lindie Botes who is mentioned in the general language YouTube channels above! She is not super active here, but I think she is a great teacher!)


Learn Arabic with Maha

Arabic Pod 101

Arabic with Toqa

The Arabic Coach

Learn with Safaa

Learn Arabic with Nassra

Misc. / fun channels:

Joe HaTTab (from Jordan. Mostly travel vlogs, documentary type videos, etc. English subtitles)

Our Family Life (from Jordan. Cute animated videos about the family. English subtitles)

Omar Farooq (from Bahrain. Life vlogging, funny videos, travel, etc. English subtitles)

Jana Vlogs (from Saudi Arabia. Lifestyle vlogging. English subtitles)

Kareem Elsayed كريم السيد (from Egypt. Food vlogging, travel, etc. English subtitles)

Qalby Etmaan قلبي اطمأن (from all over. “Social experiment program providing help for the poor in a different way”. English subtitles)

What If? (from Egypt. Answers to short “what if” questions. English subtitles)

Chef Shaheen – شيف شاهين (from Iraq. Chef with great food videos. English subtitles)

احمد شريف Ahmed Sharif (from Bahrain. Funny skits, etc. English subtitles)

AboFlah (from Kuwait. Gaming. English subtitles)

UTD Saudi فيصل السيف (from Saudi Arabia. Technology based. English subtitles)

عن السينما (from Lebanon. Movie reviews, etc. No English subtitles!)

Anas Iskander – انس اسكندر (from Saudi Arabia. Travel related videos. No longer active. Some English subtitles)

Anas Bukhash أنس بوخش (from the UAE. Talks with people of all walks of life. English subtitles)


Bill Vicars

Learn How to Sign

Sign Duo


Signed With Heart

ASL Rochelle (no longer active, but lots of past videos!)

Misc. / fun channels:

Chrissy Can’t Hear You (vlogging, funny skits, the occasional ASL learning tip, her life as a Deaf person, etc. English voiceover)


Cantonese Class 101

5 Minute Cantonese

Cantonese with Brittany

Dope Chinese with Gloria (she occasionally posts about Mandarin as well, but it is largely a Cantonese channel!)

Kong Mark Yeah

Learn Chinese with Jessie (she posts about Mandarin and Cantonese)

Super Speak Juniors (Mandarin and Chinese teaching)

Cantonese Corner

Mike Tutor

Misc. / fun channels:

JJ Says (US-American living in China. She posts in Mandarin and Cantonese about her life and language learning)


Easy Catalan

Català al Natural

Learn Catalan from Barcelona (no longer active, but still has some good past videos!)


Learn Croatian

Let’s Learn Croatian

Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin lessons

Misc. / fun channels:

Royal Croatian Tours (a family living in Croatia and vlogging about it. Mostly in English, but they do have some videos on the language and all videos are great to see the culture!)

Grgo Petrov (makes videos in Croatian with short stories, vlogs, interviews, etc)


Czech Class 101

Because Czech is Cool!

Autentická Čeština

Talk. Learn. Enjoy. Czech with Tereza

Czech Progress

Czech with Kateřina

Learn Czech with Me

Czech with a Praguer (he posts a mix of language tips and lifestyle vlogs)

Not Even Czech

Czech for Gary

Misc. / fun channels:

TadyGavin (no longer active, but lots of past videos. He posted about learning Czech and also his life in general)

Dream Prague (some language videos, but mostly about her life as a US-American in Prague – not all videos are in/about Czech though!)


Dutch Pod 101

Easy Dutch

Learn Dutch with Bart de Pau

Dutchies to be – Learn Dutch with Kim

Dutch & Go with Nout

Book Box Dutch

Learn Dutch Academy (no longer active, but lots of old videos)

Learn Dutch with Videos (no longer active, it seems)

Misc. / fun channels:

Clipphanger (short, animated info videos about all sorts of topics. Not subtitled in English, but in Dutch)


Learn Estonian with Tahela

Learning Estonian

Little Miss Squirrel – Let’s Learn Estonian Playlist (no longer active, but a nice little series to help a bit)

The Sound of Estonian (no longer active and not too many videos, but it might help a beginner!)



Finnish Pod 101

KatChats Finnish

Kaupungin Sankarit – Suomi

Suomen Lasten Lauluja

Sinä osaat! Suomen kieltä kaikille

LearnFastFinnishDirty (no longer active, but lots of old videos to check out)

FinnishWithAnna (seems to no longer be active, but there are lots of old videos!)

Misc. / fun channels:

eeddspeaks (vlogging, traveling, etc. No subtitles in English)


Easy French

French Pod 101

Learn French with Alexa

Français avec Pierre

Français Authentique

French with Pascal

Learn French with Vincent

French with LogicLanguageLearning

Book Box French

Misc. / fun videos:

Cyprien (funny skits and more!)

Maintenant tu le sais and Le Tatou (a “now-you-know” type of channel – both from the same man, both now discontinued unfortunately. Still plenty in the past to look through though!)


Easy German

German Pod 101

Learn German with Anja

Deutsch für Euch

Get Germanized

German with Laura

Smarter German

Your German Teacher

lingoni GERMAN

Learn German with Herr Antrim

Learn German

Authentic German Learning

Book Box German

Misc. / fun channels:

Robin Peaches (has 9 German song playlists – all long and all with awesome songs!!)

BodyKiss (fitness channel)

JessysKüche (asian cooking channel with very sweet older woman. No English subtitles)

LeFloid (news reports and reaction videos. No English subtitles)

Hawaiian (Kulāiwi)

Kamehameha Schools Lessons (a no longer active video series (from 1994) with 24 lessons – all great and thorough videos!)


Hungarian Pod 101

Hungarian with Sziszi

Hungarian Lesson With Zsuzsi

Hungry for Languages

Easy Hungarian

Speak Hungarian with Angie

Hungarian Teacher (no longer active, but lots of old videos to check out!)

Misc. / fun channels:

Eszter Gottschall (lifestyle, travel, and the occasional language post. No English subtitles)


Let’s Learn Icelandic!

Icelandic For Foreigners

Misc. / fun channels:

Ívar Gunnarsson (lifestyle vlogging with the rare language video. Has English subtitles usually)


Japanese Pod 101


Nihongo no mori 日本語の森

Japanese Ammo with Misa

Learn Japanese From Zero!

Chad Zimmerman

That Japanese Man Yuta

Japanese Everyday


三本塾 -Sambon Juku

Tae Kim (no longer active, but has some good beginner videos!)

Organic Japanese with Cure Dolly (no longer active, but tons of videos and playlists about tons of topics!)

Namasensai (no longer active, but 100+ videos on this beginners playlist! Warning: this is a foreigner who gets drunk and teaches Japanese so it can sometimes be a bit wrong and its definitely rated R for language, haha, but is a fun resource for those who are okay with that!)

Misc. / fun channels:

ANNnewsCH (short news broadcasts. No English subtitles)


Talk To Me In Korean – TTMIK (one of the best learning channels!)

Korean Englishmen (If you know Jolly, this is their Korean channel! They are hilarious. On this channel, they often interview celebrities over Korean meals, do activities and excursions in Korea, and talk about general topics related to Korea, etc)

Natalia Garza (Really amazing resource for all things Korean language learning related – one of my favs!)

GO! Billy Korean

Seemile Korean

Minji Teaches Korean

Your Korean Saem

Prof Yoon’s Korean Language Class

Korean Culture Series & Quick Korean (no longer active, but many older videos teaching Korean – even in Spanish!)

Misc. / fun channels:

데이브 World of Dave (variety type of channel with food, general vlogging, interviews, travel, etc. English and Korean is spoken and videos are typically subtitled in English and Korean as well)

Korean Unnie (she posts largely about her life in Korea, but she also occasionally posts about the Korean language as well)



Learn Latvian (no longer active and only a few videos, but could be helpful to a beginner for a short bit!)


Lithuania for You

Talk Like Antanas (might no longer be active, but full of past videos!)

Lithuanian Abroad (also might no longer be active, but full of old videos)

Learn Lithuanian (no longer active, but has many short videos good for beginners!)


Learn Chinese with Jessie (Mandarin and Cantonese)

Chinese Class 101

Yoyo Chinese

Grace Mandarin Chinese

Fluent in Mandarin

Mandarin With Miss Lin

SMART Mandarin – Katrina Lee

Super Speak Juniors (Mandarin and Cantonese)

Everyday Chinese


Harbin Mandarin

Simple Chinese

Learn Chinese

Chinese Buddy

Learn Chinese with Emma (no longer active, but still a lot of old videos to check out!)

Misc. / fun channels:

JJ Says (US-American living in China. She posts in Mandarin and Cantonese about her life and language learning)


Pebbles Marathi

Easy Indian Language (seems to mostly just post about Marathi, though occasionally some other Indian languages!)

Learn Marathi With Mahesh

Learn Marathi Easily

Book Box Marathi


Norwegian Class 101

Speak Norsk

Simple Norwegian

Learn Norwegian Naturally

Preben ́s Norwegian community (seems to be inactive, but tons of past videos to check out!)

Norwegian Teacher – Karin (seems to be inactive, but many great, old videos)



Easy Polish

Polish Pod 101

Its Ewelina

Mr Real Polish

Polish with Dorota

Learn Polish with Eva Kam (also posts for Spanish speaking learners)

Learn Polish with Monika

Erni School of Polish

Polish Courses (no longer active, but tons of old videos to check out!)

Course of Polish (no longer active, but lots of great old videos still)


Portuguese Pod 101

Portuguese With Carla (Portugal/European)

Talk the Streets (Portugal/European)

Learn Portuguese Hello Rusty (Brazilian)

Portugués con Philipe Brazuca (Brazilian)

Sweet Smart Brazil (Brazilian)

Mia Esmeriz Academy (Portugal/European)

Portuguese With Leo (Portugal/European)

Portuguese Lab (Portugal/European)

Practice Portuguese (Portugal/European)

Speaking Brazilian Language School (Brazilian)

Misc. / fun channels:

Porta dos Fundos (Brazilian Portuguese. Funny little skits that are also subtitled in English!)

SEA3P0 (reaction videos, gaming, etc. Not English subtitled)

Scottish Gaelic


Super Holly (I love her. She speaks English and Spanish and makes videos in both languages! Her focus is mostly Mexican Spanish)

Spanish After Hours (Spain Spanish)

Easy Spanish

Spanish Pod 101

Spanishland School (Slight focus on Colombian Spanish)

Español Automático

Why Not Spanish?

Butterfly Spanish

Dreaming Spanish (Spain)

Español con Juan (Spain)

Deliberate Spanish

Spring Spanish (LatinAmerican Spanish with slight focus on Mexican Spanish)

Book Box Spanish

Misc. / fun channels:

whatdafaqshow (Peru. Variety show, reactions, challenges, etc. No English subtitles)

enchufetv (Ecuador. Variety show with skits. No English subtitles)

Luisito Comunica (Vlogging, travel, food, etc. No English subtitles)

Juanpa Zurita (Mexico. vlogging, travel, adventure, etc. No English subtitles)

Hola Soy German (Chile. Old channel of his. No longer active. Mostly subtitled in English!)

Juega German (Chile. The new channel of Hola Soy German. No English subtitles)


Pebbles Telugu

Dr. Deepa Gupta (posts about Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada)


Easy Turkish

Book Box Turkish

Turkish Class 101

Learn Turkish With Ali Yılmaz

So Turkish


Learn Turkish with Turkish Coffee (geared towards English and Arabic speakers with subtitles in both languages)

Let’s Practice Turkish – تعلم التركية (Turkish language learning in Arabic and a bit of English)

Dillendim (he posts a combo of Turkish language tips, vlogs in Turkish, and other language videos)

Learn Turkish with Muki (seems to no longer be active. Several HQ old videos though!)


Learn Welsh Podcast

Dysgu Cymraeg – Learn Welsh

Learn Welsh (no longer active, but lots of good, older videos to check out!)


Live with S’phokuhle

Zamani Zulu – Learn isiZulu

Zulu Lessons with Thando (seems to no longer be active, but great, past videos to look at!)

Did you find some good language YouTube channels for your studies here?

If you have any other language YouTube channels that I missed, please leave a comment below! I am always looking to add to this list 🙂

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  1. Another great Spanish channel is Spanishland School! Mostly focused on Colombian Spanish/culture, and they have two podcasts as well. A wonderful resource with lots of native speakers in conversation as well as lessons.

    1. Awesome, thank you so much!! I just checked the channel out and it looks great! I think Ill add that to my personal study routine and to this list today too 🙂

  2. For ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian language) studies, I recommend ʻŌiwi TV (oiwi.tv/kaleooiwi/) and Kulāiwi with ʻEkela Kanīʻaupiʻo Crozier (youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLb3n-QSZVBPvyTPmPWA2BSREbF8V_tv7)

  3. Could you perhaps do a post for resources to learn Cherokee? I’m Cherokee and I would like to connect to my culture by learning the language.

    1. Absolutely!! I would love to 🙂
      It might take me a short bit to research and get posted, as I am trying to finish my bachelors right now, but I will start working on that for you ASAP!

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