15 Relatable Language Memes That will make you Crack Up!

15 Relatable Language Memes that Will Make You Crack Up! Part one. Plurilingualism

I am a big fan of memes. I’m an even bigger fan when the memes are language related. There is no arguing here: language memes are the BEST memes!!

Below are 15 hilariously relatable language memes I’ve recently stumbled upon. Comment below which one is your favorite!

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**Warning: NSFW language ahead**

(Clicking on the images will open a new tab to follow a link to the source! πŸ™‚ )

P.S – if you are looking for some great language learning resources, give the rest of the site a peek too.

I would recommend checking out my various language master posts (in German, Spanish, Korean, Italian, and Japanese), my unique language learning resources post, and my 15 best apps for language learning post, first!

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#1 – Rendezvous

#2 – Clusivity

#3 – Think Smarter, not harder

(Still a valid excuse when you do speak another language, but dont know the word in that language either! Just pretend. Haha)

#4 – Germans

#5 – Hors d’oeuvres

#6 – Language Evolution

#7 – Germans (again)

#8 – Garden Path Sentences

#9 – Languages Summed Up

#10 – Contractions

#11 – German Puns

#12 – Shakira, Shakira

#13 – Coconut oil

#14 – “how to write good”

#15 – The French

My personal favorite is probably #11. It’s so simple, but I laugh every time I see it, haha.

Which language meme made you laugh the hardest? Do you have any favorites that aren’t in any of the language meme collections on Plurilingualism? Let us know in the comments below!

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