15 MORE Relatable Language Memes That Will Make You Laugh!

15 Language Memes to Make You Laugh! Part Two. Plurilingualism

Here are 15 MORE language memes that any language learner can laugh about!

Whether you are learning German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, or any other language, you are sure to find some humor in these language memes below.

Be sure to check out the first and third language meme collection on Plurilingualism, too!

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I would recommend checking out our various language master posts (linked above, for German, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese), our unique language learning resources post, and our 15 best apps for language learning post, first!

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#1 – The German Why

#2 – Fancy French

#3 – Spanish Memes

#4 – What do you call Cotton candy in your home country??

#5 – French Police

#6 – Native English Speakers

#7 – Spanish nuances

#8 – Straightforward German

#9 – Duolingo Attitude


#11 – Mispronunciations

#12 – The german ‘tja’

#13 – German nuances

#14 – Language Class Questions

#15 – Animals in German

Which language meme made you laugh the hardest this time?

Most importantly though: what do you call cotton candy in your native country and native language? What is a direct translation in English? I am curious to see if anyone and any country can top “daddy’s beard” in terms of uncomfortable terms for a sweet candy, haha.

If you have any other memes or links to some good collections, let us all know in the comment section below!

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